Saturday, January 15, 2011

"What Must I Do?"

...That's what Frodo said when presented with the knowledge that the ring of ultimate power had to be destroyed (yes, we had a LOTR marathon over Christmas). What a simple question... What a difficult task...

Every year since I was little I have religiously created New Year's Resolution lists. This year, for the first time, I really began to think about HOW I was going to accomplish my goals, rather than just WHAT goals I wanted to reach. So many years I focused just on what I wanted and gave little thought to how in the world I was going to get there. And all along I should have just asked myself "What must I do?"

So this year I'm focusing on the "hows" as well as the "whats". Here's what I want to accomplish this year:

(Book Stuff)

  • Finish writing my first young adult novel (by writing 6,000 words a week for 6 months).
  • Begin marketing my novel (connect with libraries, schools, and everyone I know; network online)
  • Find an agent for my novel (polish my pitch, research agents, networknetworknetwork)
(Personal Stuff)
  • Lose those last 15 lbs (run 300 miles in 2011, hit the gym 4 days a week, adopt a more vegan diet)
  • Quit complaining (count my blessings every time I feel like grumbling)
  • Get out of debt (budget budget budget)
  • Encourage others more (write encouraging notes and actually mail them)

I'm going with the notion that it's never too late or too ridiculous to fight for what I want. If you've got goals then you've gotta fight for them! Map out a game-plan. Get an accountability partner. What if we all embraced self-discipline enough to make dreams come true?! If Frodo can do it, so can I.


  1. Hi Shena....I love you! I want to FINALLY send you something in honor of your wedding. Can you send me your address by private message? I think you are so sweet to write these blogs. I may do the same. Do you like this blogging site? Suggestions?
    Sue Gillespie

  2. rooting for you all the way, though I bet those 15 pounds are all in your mind! I say eat a nice chocolate cookie every day and run 365 miles. :-)