Thursday, January 20, 2011

Freedom Quotes

Sometimes I get into a rut and sometimes I just feel stuck! Ever feel that way? For me, words can be huge motivators and at different points in my life I've come across just the right words that have picked me up and carried me forward. Here are some of my favorite motivational, freedom-inducing quotes:

  • "The second bite will taste the same as the first."When it comes to that ice-cream or cheese or potato chip or whatever... I have to remind myself that the satisfaction I felt with the first bite will FEEL THE SAME with every bite thereafter... So I don't really need to have 15 more bites. They'll all taste the same anyways.
  • "Do the next right thing." Sometimes life presents overwhelming difficulties and confusing situations. Where should I go to school? What career path should I pursue? Should I date this person? How do I fix my finances? Whenever something difficult comes up and I know that my personal action is needed, I try to focus on just the NEXT thing that needs to be done. Not the whole big picture. All I have to do is figure out the next right thing.
  • "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."Okay, this one needs explaining! Hah! I am NOT an advocate of unhealthy weight loss or extreme dieting. However, I have experienced personal battles with feeding my body the wrong stuff and then feeling miserable afterwards. No binge or lazy pleasure is worth it. The best joy comes from feeding your body what it deserves, working out, and watching the excess baggage melt away! This mindset can be applied to other life goals as well. Any temporary pleasure you are getting from procrastinating on your goal won't be truly satisfying!
  • "In order to succeed you must be willing to fail."This applies to anything. Life is one big risk and if we want something we've got to put ourselves out there. I've always been slightly jealous of my sister's fearlessness. She'll cut her own hair, cut up bed sheets and make a dress, and throw stuff in a pan and call it "pie". (And let me tell you, there have been some weird haircuts, outfits, and concoctions...) But she is fearless. And sometimes that leads her to genius discoveries. Me - I've always been obsessed with following directions exactly so that my creations turn out picture-perfect. But that has held me back and I know I've got to be willing to fail if I want to achieve my dreams.
What are your go-to freedom quotes? Comment and share 'em! :)

Me and my fearless sis :)


  1. I love that you do this with the quotes. I love finding quotes and then thinking & writing about life relative to them. And I can relate to that wanting things perfect - when I was younger I thought I should be able to write something close to perfect the first time.Now I've learned to just throw some cr#p on the page to get started, and let it be okay to have revision after revision after revision. It's what Anne Lamott calls writing "the shitty first draft." :-)

  2. This is one of my favorite freedom quotes:

    "Whatever you want to do, just do it! Making a fool of yourself is absolutely essential!"
    ~ Gloria Steinem

  3. Melissa, I agree! It's so important to let go of perfection and just start writing! And I love that Gloria Steinem quote!

  4. Really good freedom quotes!! I personally like each quotes and very delighted to meet with both of you. That's a very beautiful picture of both you. Thanks.
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