Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh Good Stories, How I Love Thee

I asked my husband "What should I blog about?" You see, I haven't blogged in two days. And I wasn't about to let a third day pass without writing my humble thoughts out (I love writing... when I was invented I was made with the "loves to write feature").

My husband said, "Write about Gilmore Girls and how we are having a GG marathon today to finish the final season (have I mentioned how much I love having a husband who watches 'girly' TV shows with me?). He said, "Write about why you like it... why it's a good show... the characters, and plot... Write about why it's a good story."

He's good at giving me inspiration, that one. he's pretty swoon-worthy. Ladies, hold out for the best. It's worth the wait!

Why I Love Gilmore Girls:
  • It's a classic fairy-tale story wearing modern clothes. A princess (New England rich kid) runs away from her royal kingdom (overbearing, socialite parents) when she finds she is with child. She finds room at an inn and works as a maid. By the time her little girl is grown the princess is running her own picturesque retreat (her own small town inn). But will she ever find her Prince Charming (i.e. - realize she was meant to be with the diner guy all along), even though she has willingly forsaken the life of riches? And will her beautiful and brainy daughter, who has returned to the royal kingdom (gone to an Ivy League school) ever be able to re-establish her royal identity without totally giving up her adventure-seeking roots?
  • There are brilliantly flawed characters, both three dimensional and two dimensional. None are perfect and all are believable. I groan whenever a main character makes a mistake. And laugh whenever the town fool's quirks overtake a scene.
  • The show's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, wrote with the end in mind. She knew what the last scene of the the entire show would be, seasons before it aired. She, and the team of witty writers who crafted the show, created a plotline that was going somewhere.
Gilmore Girls was lucky enough to have writers and producers who made it a good story. I do not have my own personal team of authors, moving my mouth to form witty comebacks and motivating my actions to create Emmy-worthy scenes. But my life is a story. My plot depends on what I make of my every day circumstances.

Where is my fairy-tale going? What am I going to do with my flaws? Will I let them stand in my way? Am I living my life with the end in mind?

Life is so short. Make your story a good one. 

If you never take a leap of faith, you'll never truly soar.