Thursday, December 9, 2010

49 Days...

It's been 49 days since I've touched my story.

I am a horrible, wretched, lowly excuse for a writer.

My computer still barely chugs away. And my car is making extremely untrustworthy sounds. I feel hindered and trapped sometimes.

And apparently the "Enter" key on my keyboard works only when it chooses too (and thus this post is taking its time to be written).

My story will not go away. It sits there, in the back of my mind tinkering around with all the half-developed ideas I left it with. Like some obnoxious song that gets stuck in your head... And you can only remember the chorus and the first two lines of the second verse. Beautiful. Overplayed. Unfinished.

I'm going to write something now. Even if it's just 10 words. The End.

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