Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writing: A Unique Creation

I love this picture. This is how I feel about my story... In order to make my world work I must peel back the layers and tinker and toy with it. And it's no easy task...

Here's a peak into the layers of my world: (Note: It's kind of a big deal for me to share my story ideas publicly... I HATE talking about my story because it sounds super dumb when I try to put it into words and I haven't fully figured out the big picture of my story... So it feels like describing a painting that's only a fraction done... It doesn't look good! If it sounds confusing... Well, then that's because it needs work...)
There are two realities attached to the same planetary sphere known as Earth. One is the earthly reality known to mankind in the year 2043, the other is a fantastical world called Myrla'tor which is on the brink of apocalyptic destruction. 12 year old twins Nicholas and Nola, offspring of the most affluent businessman of the 21st century, discover that their very existence is part of a centuries old plan to capture and control the magic of Myrla'tor. Nicholas and Nola are thrust into wild adventure between worlds, across continents, and within the darkest corners of a world on the brink of destruction. And if Nicholas and Nola don't stop Myrla'tor from self-destructing then Earth will be destroyed as well...

I know that many elements of my plot are nothing new. Middle-school aged hero/heroine saves the world from doom. There's another magical world that regular humans know nothing about. Woop-di-doo.

Here's something that I'm including in my story that I don't think anyone has done yet...
Portals (doorways) exist between Myrla'tor and Earth and people (or animals or things) can go back and forth between the worlds. Here's the catch though: Earth spins once on its axis once every 24 hours. Myrla'tor spins once on its axis every year. (Let that sink in for a moment...) Thus, one side of Myrla'tor is always in darkness and one side is always sunlit. And there is a band of twilight all around. And yes, this works only in theory and in reality it probably wouldn't work. But this is a fantasy novel. So that makes it cool! Plus, it means that travelers between the worlds have to time their portal exits precisely or they will end up halfway around the world. 
So there. No one steal my idea! Hah! And if you've heard of anyone using that idea or have questions as to how it really works.. Well, you can ask me... Or I can get braver and start posting my story for people to read! EEK! :)

In closing, I found a really cool website called Basically, you print out a chart and fill in your handwriting for each letter and symbol. Take a picture and upload it to the site. Then, you can type in your font! :) I'm sure there are other sites that do the same thing. But what a cool idea! Here's what I wrote:

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