Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honesty 101 - Weight Loss and Life

Confession: I am horrible at blogging consistently. I hate that about myself. That whole lil' bloggin' every day thing... Not working! I apologize for not responding to comments. I stopped looking at them because I felt guilty and thought no one was reading my blog. How wrong I was! I love that people read what I write! I feel like it's a little teensy tiny step towards becoming a successful author... People reading what I write because they want to. Imagine that! :)

Confession: Sometimes I live to eat instead of eating to live... (Yeah... ruminate on that one!)

I have found that I am most successful at weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight when I write down everything I eat. Yeah, it takes up a lot of time. Yeah, it's annoying to calculate everything. But suddenly my eyes are opened and I realize that I really don't need those additional cookies (like my amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies... My sister and I recently dubbed them "Marijuana Cookies"... cuz they are THAT addicting).

One of my favorite ways of keeping track of what I eat is by using FitDay - a free online weight loss and diet journal. There are tons of foods already in the database and you can add your own customized foods. It adds up everything you eat and helps you keep track of your weight, weight goals, and nutrition. Super cool! Plus you can download it as an App if you've got one of those snazzy phones! :)

Don't put your health on the back burner. Stick with your goals and do whatever it takes to get to a healthy weight and build your health and fitness level!

Tonight's Goal: Eat only TWO Marijuana Cookies... Instead of five....

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