Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Coupon or Not To Coupon?

I am not a couponer. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't sometimes ponder what it might be like to be a couponer...

Would it be something like this??

Actually, I'm pretty sure I lack the discipline to be such an extreme couponer... They make it look super easy, but there's gotta be hard work that goes into it.

This video is interesting too. It shows how a shopper prepares for and shops using coupons.

I don't know how she prepares in only 40 minutes a week!! offers a solid perspective on extreme couponing:
Coupons are an excellent resource if used properly. They're wonderful for getting dirt cheap cleaners and paper products, frozen veggies, condiments and processed foods. While they're becoming available more often, coupons for fresh fruit, produce and meat are still scarce. 

Rather than fill your fridge and freezer with sodium laden processed foods in massive quantities, why not use coupons to reduce your household expenses on paper & cleaning products and use the savings to purchase real foods - whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh veggies.
Part of the reason I'm not an extreme couponer is that I want to buy what I want. When I want. To me, it's worth the money to have the healthy and delicious food that I crave. I'm not lavish or wasteful with my groceries, but I do consider it more important to "splurge" on healthy foods than to save money buy purchasing cheap and unhealthy options.

But man... those shoppers got me thinkin! I never knew you could save so much money with coupons!

What are your thoughts? Do you coupon? Got any tips to share? :)


  1. Good topic! I do coupon but only on a few select items.....I am not what they refer to as a "brand snob" so if I find a great deal and I have a coupon on an item I typically do buy then its a great bonus! It is a great way to save on household can score items for free or as close to free as you can get. Just today we bought Nivea body wash mens and womens for .79 cents each, I had 2 $3 off coupons! I also bought dawn dish soap for .74 cents each....they were on sale for .99 cents but I had a few .25 cent off coupons....this is how I keep my household goods stocked up at home.
    As for food items, I do use coupons but I don't rely on processed foods so most items are for dairy, a few beverages, I have even had the opportunity to save on some organic and or "healthy" helps to have links to different sites!
    A little savings here, a little savings there adds up! : )

  2. Sandi - that's awesome! You're right, every little saving definitely adds up. I'm not a brand snob either... I don't think... Okay maybe... Hah! I get spoiled shopping at Trader Joe's! :)

  3. this is so crazy!!! oh my goodness. makes me want to get my mom into something like this. hahahaha.