Bayan Rabbani can tell you. In fact, the writer and comedian can tell you a lot about the ebb and flow of a 24-hour gym. That's because, two weeks ago, he spent 24 hours straight in a Houston-area location -- andlive-tweeted the whole experience

"The least amount of people I counted was six at about 2:30 a.m.," Rabbani told Asylum. "At 4:30 people started to pour in. Which was surprising because it was a Saturday, so I would have thought most people wouldn't have had to get there that early."

Rabbani is no stranger to spending 24 hours in places. Earlier this year he camped out in both a Starbucks and a Wal-Mart for an entire day. This, however, was the first time that the target establishment had prior warning that they were about to be receive a day-long visit from Rabbani.

"The press release (announcing the stunt) prompted an emergency meeting inside the corporate headquarters of 24 Hour Fitness," Rabbani explained.

They decided to allow him to go forward. According to the 24-year old, the staff of the gym ended up being "welcoming and professional."

And it's not like Rabbani was just idling and tweeting as everyone else worked up a sweat. Instead he took full advantage of the gym's facilities, participating in classes for spinning, Pilates, abs, Zumba and yoga.
When he wasn't getting a workout as part of a group, Rabbani spent some of his time on the StairMaster and other gym equipment. To keep his energy up, he consumed so much protein -- a whopping 280 grams -- that his kidneys began to hurt.

As for sleep. Well, he wasn't doing that. However, he does concede that his eyes got a bit heavy during a session in the club's hot tub. "I passed out for about a minute because the water was so warm," he admitted. "Then I woke up with water up my nose."

Toward the end of his long, tiresome day, he did his part as an entertainer, emerging from the bathroom wearing a leopard-print Snuggie and then hitting the weight machines for comic effect.

"The whole place just stopped working out and watched me work out" he explained. "And when people asked me why I was exercising in a Snuggie, I just made wacky stuff up like, 'Haven't you heard? It's good for circulation.'"

Bayan Rabbani is probably the only man in the world to have spent 24 hours in a Wal-Mart, a Starbucks and a 24 Hour Fitness. So we had to ask him, "Which open-all-night venue would you be able to last the longest without leaving?"

"I'd probably survive the longest in Wal-Mart," he told us, almost immediately. "At Wal-Mart, I did sleep -- in the automotive section, actually."

Sam Walton would have been proud.