Thursday, April 7, 2011

Egos... and Lack of Food and Heat

Today is Thrifty Thursday. I have nothing to say much about thriftiness, except for the fact that in an effort to save money and reduce debt my husband and I have turned off the heat. I think we're currently at 58 degrees... Hah. And, we have refused to go grocery shopping this week. We've had lots of pasta and oatmeal lately... :) I keep hearing Dave Ramsey in my head.... (in reference to escaping debt)... "RUUUNNNNN!!!!" (Side note: if you've never heard of Dave Ramsey, then you've seriously got to check him out. He is so wise.)

I meant to post this yesterday (for Writing Wednesdays). I stumbled upon this super cool site called Basically, you have sixty seconds to write a response to the word of the day. Your response is then posted, along with everyone else's response. I found it to be a great creative writing challenge and it was pretty neat to see what everyone else wrote.

Here's what I wrote in response to the challenge. The word of the day was "EGO"

Some people have big ones, some have small. Charlie Jones had an ego the size of Mount Rushmore.
Each morning he walked into work with his chest puffed up like a penguin and a swagger in his step that swayed like a number 8 billiard ball.
He sat at his desk and ordered his assistant to bring him a Venti cappuccino. And then he went to work.

It makes me want to write more!! Ahhh!!! I think this exercise is a great way to get creativity flowing. I think I need to try it more often.

As far as my story goes... I've still been neglecting it... :( I'm hugely lacking in motivation. I know that I will write it... I will forever regret it if I don't... I just feel a bit overwhelmed by it and stuck... :( As of now, my story is set about 50 years in the future. But part of my story also involves an alternate reality that is entirely different from the world known to man. Sooo... I have a 50 year future to come up with... AND another, fantastical world... And the more I think about it, the more I'm realizing the detail I need to infuse both realities with, if I am to make them believable. Oi vey!

Okay... I'm off to layer my bed with blankets. And maybe have some more hot chocolate. :)

This is not my hot cocoa. But it is cute.

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