Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Terror of Creativity...

I'm psyching myself out...

A day ago I was proclaiming my ingenious idea to complete the first draft of my novel during the month of November... You know... "Novel November"... It has kind of a ring to it... (plus there ARE crazies who do complete an entire novel during National Novel Writing Month)

But I'm tentative. I'm fearful. Can I actually write a full length novel? I have the outline. I know all the characters. I even have 2 chapters written... But write an entire novel? ME?

I've recently been inspired by a bunch of crazy go-getters who have been blogging about achieving their dreams (check out SpireSpire). One has the goal of writing and publishing a bestseller within a year's time-frame. It seriously got me thinking - why don't I go after my goals with the same amount of gusto?

I know this - I don't want to be on my deathbed and not have attempted to write a full-length book.

I don't want to think "What if....?"


  1. THIS TOTALLY resonated with me! While I am on my way to achieving my goal, I let myself slack sometimes. I do NOT want to be on my deathbed saying "what if"...(not that i'd be speaking while on my deathbed, get the point..:)


  2. Shena,
    So Shena, your Lark?..... Why Lark?....

  3. Lark is a nickname I've secretly used for myself for years. Larkenmaiden is another alias that I've used online for a super long time! :)