Monday, October 4, 2010

Raw, Puppy, Future Tech

(Please note the commas in the title, otherwise it sounds incredibly weird...)

This blog is a bit eclectic and has three main points.

The hubs and I are slowly shifting our food intake towards more of a raw food diet. We are trying to eat at least one meal a day that is made up of ONLY raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains. No animal products and no cooked food. (Why uncooked? Cooking food destroys many of the natural healthy enzymes and vitamins). Call us crazies, but we both agree - our bodies FEEL SO GOOD after downing a huge spinach-avocado salad with baby carrots and hummus on the side. We both are die-hard dairy fans and looove warm cooked food.... But the difference we feel is amazing. Has anyone else out there done a raw-food diet?

I have puppy-fever. A week doesn't go by that I don't loudly vocalize my pooch-love. My husband and I went to Petland today and fell in love. We would totally get a dog tonight, but we are a little strapped for cash. AND we have many specific desires for our dog. It must be small (5-10 lbs); sweet tempered and good with humans, other animals, and kids; non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Any suggestions?!?!?

I'm writing a story. My question for all of you is: What do you think technology will look like in the next 10, 20, 50 years??? Help me imagine! :)

Yikes...... Kiiiiind of creepy....


  1. In the future, people will have advanced technology, but we will begin to miss the olden days, so a new era will arise. A new renaissance. People will dress up like the victorian age and will be flying in airships and have cool swords and pet moogles :)

  2. TOY POODLE! or miniature. They are hypoallergenic/non shedders. and smart. and the one I had was sweet.

  3. In the future there will be a massive breakdown in our ability to communicate effectively. We will have been so conditioned by text message speak, Facebook speak, and Twitter speak, that we will struggle to even string a sentence together. We will all start sounding like Yoda. So trying to buy an airship like David mentioned will be like: Person A: Need I silver shiny buy please airship yes. Person B: $1 million, yes, no, lol, :) can give I you money buy. Person A: Jk. No I airship buy yes...... Then we will rely on a future, master linguist named Luke Skyalphabet to rehabilitate our language and save the species from extinction.