Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Travel the World for Cheap!!! / My Favorite Stay-at-Home-Night Idea

(First of all, TIME FLIES! Every day I think about my poor little bloggy. March's resolution will be to blog more and to blog more consistently!)

(Secondly, my writing has been all over the place. Schedule? What schedule? But, I am moving forward. I have to tell myself that baby steps are better than no steps at all! And, I started working on a map for my fantasy world... I forgot to take a picture... Maybe I'll post one tomorrow! But it really helped me to visualize where my characters are and how geography might affect their actions in the story. Note: If you are pursuing anything creative, I challenge you to use other creative sources for inspiration. Listen to music. Scour the internet for photos related to your subject. Look for dances, poems, and art pieces on your topic. Sometimes, it can be just what you need to get out of the rut and moving forward again!)

World Travel Made Cheap! 
(Must have a DVD player, and adventurous taste-buds...)

Okay. Here's my fabulous idea of the week (or month... Since I do this all the time). I love this idea because it's perfect for a date night, family night, or when you have people over. I'm pretty sure it will become a regular habit in my household. And I love this idea because it's cheap. And slightly dorky.

Step 1
Choose a type of food: American (yummy, but borrrring), Mexican (drool), Japanese (YEAH!), Chinese (yum), Italian (double drool), Indian (I say "YAY!"; my husband says "NAY!"), etc... I'm sure there are more... French? African? I don't know.

Step 2
Choose a recipe that you've never made before within said food group. My girlfriends and I chose sushi.

We didn't use the bananas in the sushi... But I'm pretty sure dessert sushi needs to be invented...

I love finding recipes online. I actually go to Google and type in "amazing [whatever recipe I'm looking for] recipe" and I usually get directed to (which is great, since almost everything has been rated, the directions are super easy to follow, and it's super duper easy to calculate the quantity of ingredients you will need based on how many servings you want!).

Step 3
Go to the library and choose several movies related to your theme...

Step 4
Search online for and play music related to your ethnic theme while you cook. (Have you ever tried "Japanese Popstars" radio? No? You should.) I like to use Pandora, but there are other great online radio stations too (RadioTuna is good). It is also recommended to dance while cooking.

Step 5
Camp out in front of the television, eat your food, and watch your movie(s)!

Homemade California rolls and Avocado rolls... Oh my goodness...!!!

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