Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Love (like Brad Womack-Inspired Workouts...)

After a couple weeks of feeling "off" I'm finally getting back into my routine. This morning I worked on my writing for 30-40 minutes and I ran 1 1/2 miles (at 6.5 miles per hour). My sweet husband made me breakfast for the second morning in a row.

Last week when I was feeling blue I started making a list of things I was thankful for... Just because it's SO easy for me to be swept up in things that I want instead of things that I already have.

So, in honor of Valentine's week here's a current list of things that I am in love with...

I love: my husband who randomly breaks out into song when he's around me (not real songs... his own theme songs... like he's a Disney musical character), my little 1,000 square foot house, my sweet family, my office with my Ikea furniture, running in the morning, blueberries, my future dog, and my new living room mirror from Home Goods...

Seriously... I love mirrors... This gorgeous beveled and engraved beauty was half off!

I also love Octavia tea and chocolate gelato from Graham's 318... Plus smooches from my love....

I also love watching all 6 hours of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice miniseries (NO one does Mr. Darcy like Colin Firth... *sigh*). (By the way... one of my Valentine's Day hi-lights was eating vegetarian chili dogs while watching P&P... Oh yeah... AND trying Turkish Delight for the first time in my life... Oh Edmund, now I understand!)

I also love this fantastic and ridiculous Bachelor Workout that I found. Next week when your honey (or your guilty self) drags you to the TV to admire laugh at Brad Womack's wooing skills you can at least burn some calories. (Basically, you do things like: "5 tricep dips for any variation on the term '...be myself,' 5 squats every time Brad going to therapy is mentioned, 5 squats every time Brad kisses a lady10 curls every time a girl cries, 30 second of mountain climbers every time a pool or hot tub is used..." (Tip: I firmly believe that this routine can be adapted for any guilty TV pleasure...)

Make the most with what you have this week. Maybe it's just doing some extra crunches during a TV show. Maybe it's choosing to set the alarm early so you can get up and conquer some goals. Maybe it's taking a moment to appreciate little things you are thankful for! (like white Valentine's roses... and the fact that both my husband and I wanted white because they would "look best" in our house and red would have clashed... I love that we are so like minded - even when it's silly little things! We both seriously thought about the flowers matching our house when he picked them out with me at Trader Joe's... We are dorks! :)) 
I love white roses... :)

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