Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

The past two weeks have not been good for blog writing.

The past two weeks have not been good for goal accomplishing.

The past two weeks have been a mashup of injuries, sickness, discouragement, apathy, exhaustion, and falling behind on countless tasks.

It all started about two weeks ago when my hands decided to be suicidal... Please note - the following two items do not mix well and may lead to a shredded left index finger nail and profuse bleeding:

Yes... it was that bad... and that painful...

Three days later I was still sporting a Band-aide on my left index finger and I bashed my right hand into a kitchen drawer knob. It swelled up and was so painful I had to ice it on and off all afternoon.

Behold... bandaged left index finger and swollen right hand...
Needless to say, all of this severely limited my typing abilities and made it all too easy to procrastinate on writing my story. Plus, writing for my job took precedence and it was all I could do to type out my work blogs. It was not pretty.

The day after bruising my right hand I started to feel sick... After a day of feeling lousy I developed a high fever, became so congested I couldn't breathe, couldn't stop coughing, my voice turned to a croak, and I became exhausted. Hello Influenza. I now have a full appreciation and understanding as to why doctors recommend flu shots. I will no longer turn my nose up at people who get flu shots and mock them for not being able to tough it out. I NOW understand... After literally being bedridden for a week straight. It was MISERABLE. (However, I did get to watch lots of:

...Never watched these gems??? Oh boy... What can I say...)

My battered body led to a very unproductive couple of weeks. And my mood plummeted. I felt drained. Overwhelmed. Guilty even... Why even bother? Why not just be happy to wake up in the morning, do my job, eat all the choclate I want, and go to bed?

Yeah... I wasn't happy...

So this Ash Wednesday I'm not giving anything up... Because what I need is to add things back into my life instead of taking things out... I need to pick myself up and begin afresh. My hands are healed and my body (though still weakened) is able.

I need to get past this irrational hesitation I have and WRITE MY STORY.

I need to work back towards my goal fitness level and RUN.

(And I need to clean my house, pay off debt, clean out my closet, find new recipes, go through wedding photos, organize my basement, and paint my TV cabinet... But we're talking priorities here... Things that will really make me happy in the long run... Like accomplishing my big life goals! Once I make those a habit I can start working on the other stuff...)

Wish me luck.... Here I go... again! :)