Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break Blues - Staycation Ideas

I’ve got the Spring Break blues, baby. Last year it was the gorgeous beaches of South Carolina that broke up the monotony of March’s gloomy weather. This year... well, I’m stuck at home (and although I truly like the paint color on the walls of my house, it’s not exactly a great substitute for blue skies and sunshine).

If you’re like me, your 2011 Spring Break plans probably won’t involve any beaches, cruises, or relaxing spa getaways. Be it lack of finances or lack of time, vacation plans are on hold and you’re staying put.

But before you pout your way through everybody else’s Spring Break week consider these refreshing STAYcation ideas:

  • Go hiking. Find the nearest state park, nature preserve, or arboretum.
  • Head to the a local library. Check out that book you’ve been meaning to read. Don’t forget to investigate the DVD selection, books on CD, and music selection.
  • Host a get-together for all your staycationer friends. Throw a cocktail party or order pizza!
  • Get out the old board games or video games. Play some Monopoly or Mario Kart (and show the kids who’s boss).
  • Get together with your friends and have an at-home spa night. Have everyone bring some nail polish, facial masks, and favorite type of ice cream or candy. (Tip: Try making your own facial mask.)
  • Try a new recipe. Consider challenging your significant other or some friends to a “sauce” competition. Make one batch of pasta and as many different types of sauce as you like. Vote to decide whose sauce wins.
  • Go see a local theatre performance or music event. You might be surprised at the talent your city or town has to offer!
  • Plan a culturally themed movie night. Make your own sushi and watch some Japanese martial arts films. Order some Indian food and rent a Bollywood movie.
  • Get a head start on your garden. Try growing fresh herbs on your windowsill. Purchase some bright potted flowers for your front step.
  • Get creative. Try painting to music. Write a poem for fun. Practice playing guitar again. Make a photo collage. Focus on having fun instead of perfection!
Maybe next year...
Note: My English degree and my conscience do not permit me to plagiarize... Even if it's from a source written by... myself! These staycation ideas were brainstormed in conjunction with research I did for a forthcoming blog. If you are a medical professional then check 'em out! :)