Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unique Things I Love... Like Karmin's "Look at Me Now" Cover & Black Baroque Art

I last posted about the importance of being ordinary. That's important if you're a hero/heroine in a story. This post is dedicated to uniqueness, especially when it comes to combining two unlikely elements. The end result? Fabulousness!

Take Karmin. I adore Amy's retro-pinup style meets down and crazay rapper (say what?!)

(Visit Karmin's webpage for more!) 

Or, how about Black Baroque's fanciful images printed on antique book pages? (Note: The author in me is slightly appalled by the notion of using old book pages for anything other than reading... but I am also enthralled...) Check it out:

Black Baroque has a lot more prints on their Etsy page. I kind of want to redecorate my house around these prints... Or at least a corner of it. :)

I recently looked over some of my old poetry and I unearthed one of my favorites (I wrote it almost exactly two years ago!). Part of my intention with this poem was to utilize unusual word pairings. I paired a noun (soul) and a verb (shiver) that aren't usually used together. I've found that these types of unusual juxtapositions can create unique and (hopefully) memorable imagery.

Soul Shiver

Shivers run down my soul 
It’s past midnight again
And we’re here once again
Staring one another down

This is either the beginning
Of a great something
Or the start of 
A great nothing
And it’s hard for me
To lock my gaze
On yours

Because you search
For the stars in my eyes
Whether just reflections of
The rain on the window
Or the rain in my heart
Or the start of a fluttering
Response to your questions

I open the door to speculation
And Over
And Over
“What will happen to us?”
But my hands catch hold of cold air
And there are no answers

And my soul shivers
I’m playing with fire
And something will get burnt

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