Thursday, April 26, 2012

You Know You've Been Away for Too Long When...

...You don't even recognize blogger's format any more and the whole thing's more confusing than Facebook's last update.... Arg!

My little sister said I should update my blog. So, this one's for you Linden!

Since my last post forever and a half ago, I've been...

  • ...working a lot on my manuscript. My new goal is to have a rough draft completed by the end of May. I had to do lots of work on the outline and fleshing out scenes BEFORE actually writing them.... In college I was the girl who outlined term papers for days and then wrote the the whole 20 page whopper in a night. And it worked for me. I'm realizing that's how I work best when writing. Working from the "outside" to the "inside". I'm excited too, because I've really been able to envision my story lately... A steampunk world and a cyberpunk world... With superheros, airships, monsters, and mystery! (If you're curious to "see" what my story looks like / feels like, check out my Pinterest board for Laraway Legacy...)
  • ...trying to read Game of Thrones... I love it. But it's taking me forever to get into it.
  • ...indulging a growing addiction to Kettlebell training at Synergy. What's that you say? A couple months ago I had NO idea... Now I know. And I'm totally addicted... It's amazing strength-training workouts that aren't boring (and that's saying a lot, coming from this lazy ex-ballerina) Plus, it burns up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. Here's a video of my trainer doing one of MANY Kettlebell exercises...

  • ...exploring veganism. I think I have a dairy allergy. I'm getting tested for allergies tomorrow morning actually. I used to think I could never ever EVER give up cheese. I mean, there's nothing quite like a glass of red wine and brie cheese...!!! But now, I'm thinking that feeling well might actually be better... And I'm discovering a plethora of amazing vegan recipe sites! If you've never checked out Chocolate Covered Katie , then I highly recommend! Her recipes are SO simple and ohso tasty! I can personally attest that her Deep Dish Cookie Pie, made with garbanzo beans is UHmazing... As are her Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Brownies (I've just been eating them with a fork from the baking dish... I couldn't stop long enough to cut them...)
That's all for this post... I'll be back again soon. :)

Until then, check out this GORGEOUS photo. I want to go to there...! :)

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