Thursday, August 18, 2011

Self Study No. 568

Ah, the wise words of my baby sis:

"finish itttttt."

She was referencing my "Alison Underland" piece. Which will be finished at some point...

Sometimes I find it hard to finish things... Which is why I'm making a very public display of announcing the official, for real, very surely start of something. Something bigger than my Alison Underland story or my other (very beloved) pastiche pieces.

 I am embarking on something engulfing. This weeks marks the first week in my year-long challenge to complete a finished, self-edited manuscript for my book series. (THANKS to Shay at SpireSpire for being so selflessly devoted to challenging others and helping them to shine!)

Oh boy. I think I can I think I can I think I can.

And with this great adventure, I am mustering up the courage to humbly turn my eye inward. To truly evaluate myself as a creator, thinker, feeler, organizer, and do-er. A frightening task, to be sure. But that's the only way. I mean, really... My biggest pet peeve is when people assume things. So I should probably not assume anything about my own powers. I've got to whip my lil' creative spirit into shape and prove myself. Yeehaw!

In other me-related news...
  • I just got back from a missions trip to the Czech Republic. Oh my. If you've never sacrificed your time and energy and traveled outside of your lil' world, then it's time to get on board!!! God is working in a big way in Czech and I'm sososo thankful that I got to be a part of it in some small way! (Note to self: update personal travel/adventure blog with photos and highlights from the trip!) For now, here's a pic of our fabulous class that we were privileged to teach English to:
Clockwise from top left: Bara (she has cool hair!), Martin (he just got married last week!), Dave (love you!), Martin (he has a Scottish accent...oh yes), Honza (our beloved scholar of the group), me, Inka (my roomie when I went to Czech in 2004... oh how I love her!), and lovely Reny (she is soso sweet!). Ahhh... I miss them all! 

  •  I discovered Pinterest. It's like a virtual pinboard system and it's great for people who are visually inspired and like to stay organized. Perfect for gathering recipes, inspiring images, a cache of all items on a dream shopping list, or creating idea collages for decorating the home. Words cannot describe the great fun-ness of Pinterest. (Yes, that was the word that I wanted to write there... And for once I wished it was a real word... so I decided to use it anyways...) If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, then you should. Just be prepared to set up an accountability system with a buddy so that you can healthfully manage your new addiction. (Note: I think there's a way to link one's Pinterest account with one's blog... Which I will try to do...)
  • I just watched two films worth watching: Grey Gardens with Jessica Lange and a truly groundbreaking performance by Drew Barrymore... And Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Oh Paul Newman.....*swoon*.
Okay... Off I go... I have work bloggies to do... And pinteresting to procrastinate with... And creating to do for my story: The Laraway Legacy!!! Curious? Check out my Laraway Legacy Pinterest board for a sort-of glimpse into my brain! :)


  1. Shena, you find the BEST pictures. Where on earth do you go??

  2. Hah! I'm assuming you mean on my pinterest!?

    I've put in the following search words: fantasy, magic, final fantasy, mansion, desert, etc... and then I found some other pinners (what do they call themselves anyways?!) who had some amazing pinboards with cool destinations... oh, I think I plugged in "city at night" or something since I needed something for the half of my world that is dark 24/7... and it led me to some cool stuff! :)