Friday, July 1, 2011

Ode to an Idiom: Charley Horse

Hello readers! Most of my attention lately has been sucked by writing and creating stories. And I couldn't be happier!!! But I do have some recipes I've been meaning to post... I will try to get to that soon!

As for now, here's another Writers of AntiquiTea project. We're calling it an "Ode to an Idiom". Enjoy! :)

Charley Horse

Spasms of the heart...
Uncontrollably freezing up any remnants of valor.
Bravery, that I thought I possessed,
But I must have thought wrong.

This soul dehydration
That leads to invariable twinges,
Drawing bits and pieces,
Sucking spirit from my marrow...


Low levels of joy and
Overabundance of shock
From the under-saturated hues inside the
Kinks and stitches
Of my mind.

Distraction is not enough,
Frenzied games of forgetting
Do little to ease the ache.

It’s a horribly stunning truth
That the only relief to be had
Is from the

Arduous stretching
And the re-extending...

The expanding of the heart through and beyond
Its source of pain.

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